Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lucy pinder. Extra.

Lucy pinder. Extra Pictures:

lucy pinderlucy pinderlucy pinder
Why are there so many sexual references to children's TV? BBLB, xrated FACTOR, just the other day I saw an episode of BBLB will be about 12 clock, the chat, a Russian bb participants with her tits hanging all over the screen, she was on screen for about 1 minutes, and the questions they were, do you like being naked, you have your clothes and run around the BB house, you could come here and do it (lick lips) next to Lucy Pinder and Michelle Walsh, questions after the break they Kerle 2 hotties strip down and oil will be together and fight bikini-style, alongside ex-roommate said Hira by cakes presenter, they will stand up creamed himself, his clear sex because the comments of the snearing motivated and laughing through the moderators, F * *** G disgusting, is open every day before the watershed, including the good food channel to squeeze all sexually squirting and creaming up, laughing, under the breath, 5-year-old girl as a chick in a skirt sells outerwear WHAT, UK tv is so perverse with sexual innuendo, that the law should be on TV here about it .--- annoying im gonna start watching U.S. dramas
Click here to see her n a k e d video!

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